Price List – Thomas Ind

Mr Ind is recognised by all major insurance companies. He is happy to bill insurance companies directly. However, it is the responsibility of patient to meet their fees if an insurance company does not pay.

Patients whose primary address is outside the UK are asked to pay fees in advance unless they come with a letter of authority from a respected embassy.


If you are unsure of the cost of any procedure or test, please ask.


Professional fees


Consultations *

New Consultation £270.00
Extended Consultation £300.00
Follow up Consultation £195.00
Non-attended appointment or cancellation of less than 24 hours £270.00


If insured then most insurance companies will have a schedule fee. We will adhere to contract prices to ensure that a patient with such a policy who is fully authorised does not incur a shortfall. The only exception is an excess deduction, which is the responsibility of the patient as per the terms of their policy.



If self-pay then please ask for a quote in advance of any procedure. If insured then we will adhere to insurance company schedule fees as per any agreement with said company.


In-patient care*

In-patient consultation £270 or £195
Day attendance £125.00
HDU/ITU attendance £150.00


Pathology charges *

HPV including subtyping £141.60
HPV £70.80
PAPT £85.20
High Vaginal Swab £68.40
Sexual Health screening:
(Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Trichomonas, Gardnerella)
£90 per test


Atopobium £115.20
Herpes I/II £90.00
Histology – 1 biopsy (block/slide/specimen) for analysis £348.00
Pathology facilities £37.50


* These are sometimes modified to ensure they fall within different insurance schedules.

If you have any questions or would like a more formal quote then please contact the office on 020 7201 2666.